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Safety 1st's Air Protect Technology is Saving Lives

Air Protect is the most innovative safety feature ever offered in a car seat, designed specifically to protect a child during the most dangerous collision of all: a side impact crash. Ella Rose is just one example of a child whose life was saved by this truly remarkable technology.

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Before I get started with my story, I just want to let you know that it has a happy ending.

A few weeks ago my wife and I purchased one of the new Air Protect Car seats for our 9 month old son, because it looked to be a well made car seat. We found out a few days ago how well built it was.

My wife was in a car accident and the vehicle was overturned. Our son was in the backseat buckled in to his carseat. Everyone was able to walk away from the wreck and now a few days later some bruises are visable. Except for our son. He did not sustain any kind of injury at all. No bruises, no scratches, no cuts . That is why I am writing this, to thank you for designing and building a life saving car seat. That is what it did, it saved the life of our son and not only did it save his life but prevented him from being injured in anyway. I dont think I can say it enough, THANK YOU! Because of this carseat we are able to still enjoy our son each day. Our carseat HAS been tested in real life!!

Kevin Jones
Gallup, New Mexico

P.S. We have already purchased another Air Protect carseat to replace the one that was in the wreck!!'

I purchased a Complete Air Convertible Car Seat on the evening of Friday April 30, 2010. The very next morning, 8am Saturday, May 1st, my Ford Focus had a 16 wheel Tracker Trailer crash directly into the right side of my vehicle.

My 8 month old daughter was unharmed. Your product saved her life!!!! My mother, son, his best friend, and I were all in the car and suffered mulitple injuries but the baby was just fine. Thank you!!!! The hospital would not release us until I had another car seat so I asked my girlfriend to go back to Target and buy another of the very same brand and make. I have the reciepts and registration cards for both seats. I also now have the seat that was in the accident. Please advise on how to disspose of it properly?

Again I want to thank you for making such a durable car seat. I’ve purchased two within two days and would purchase a million more with the satisfaction and confidence that my daughter will be safe and unharmed.

Jubilee Vera
Fort Drum, NY

Whomever it may concern,

I just wanted to say thank you for designing such a fantastic carseat. My family and I were involved in collison on May 8th, where someone ran a red light and we were t-boned on the side that myself and my 2 year old son were sitting. He was thought to be going at least 70km/hour through the light. The doctors/paramedics mentioned to us that if he wasn't in this carseat, he may not be here at all.

We went back the following day to look at our SUV, and if it wasn't for this carseat, our son's head would have gone through the window. His carseat was hanging out the side of the window. My child left with minimal injuries, and it could have been MUCH worse. He has a swollen/bruised cheek and is limping cause his legs were pinned between the passenger seat and his carseat. We will definately be purchasing another one of these.

My family and I send many thanks to you, this carseat saved his life. I've attatched pictures for you to view of our vehicle.

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Thank you again,
Courtney Schwering
(via email)

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