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How to Choose the Proper Play Yard for Your Child

Baby Grooming Tips

Play yards have come a long way from the simple cubes you may remember from your own childhood. Back then they were referred to as play pens and consisted of just a floor and four walls.

Today, there are a variety of different options available and several things parents should consider before buying one for their home:


  • A bassinet gives parents the option to let their new baby nap close to them. This is especially handy if your nursery is on a different floor or in a different section of the house from your day-to-day activities. A play yard can also be easily set up in the parent’s room as an alternative to a more traditional bassinet.

Changing Station

  • Having an alternate location to change your little one can save steps and help out a busy parent. Many play yards also feature storage shelves which are handy places to keep extra diapers, powder, etc.

Baby Soothers

  • Whether it’s a mobile, a night light, a module that plays calming songs or a combination of these items; play yards that offer these soothing options can make life more interesting for your little one and easier on you as a parent when trying to quiet a fussy child.


  • Out and about with baby? Choose a play yard that folds down compactly and will fit easily in your family car. You’ll have a comfy place for them to hang out wherever you go!