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Interactive Home Safety Tour
Free Beta Version

Home Safety Guide

How do you make your house safer for babies and toddlers?

Do you know when to install stair gates?

Do you know where to install cabinet locks?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. For a limited time, we invite you to visit our home and discover new things around every corner.

  • Room-by-Room guides on how to keep kids safe
  • Examine our home to learn which Concern Areas to look for in your own home and find Solutions for them
  • Throughout our house, you’ll find ways to Prevent Falls, Shocks, Poisoning, and other Home Hazards

To get started, just click on the image above to open it up. If it doesn’t open, just check your browser to allow pop-up windows.

Let’s build this interactive tool together!

Since this tool is in “Beta” that means that it is currently FREE and is in an early phase of testing before it is available to the greater public. We invite you to explore and let us know what we can change, add, or even remove. Please comment on our Facebook page and we’ll get your message – and THANK YOU!