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Home Safety Tips – Pool & Water Safety

    Home Safety Tips – Pool & Water Safety
  • Make sure there is a locked fence surrounding the pool to prevent children from accessing it unsupervised.
  • When using the pool as a family, keep young children closely supervised. Don’t leave them alone, even if it’s just to run inside to answer the phone.
  • Pool enclosures, like decks and interior stair railings, should not allow spaces that are larger than 4 inches apart. This helps prevent small, mobile children from slipping through in either direction.
  • If your family has an above ground pool with a wooden platform, be sure to sand down any wood banisters or boards that may be splintering. If it’s metal, be sure to clean off any rusted areas.
  • Drain all kiddy pools when not in use.
  • If you have a hot tub in your home, make it off-limits to children. Drain the water when not in use or keep the cover or door locked.
  • Hot tubs present more than drowning hazards. Babies and toddlers are at risk of overheating in a hot tub, even with parental supervision. Check with your physician to determine the right age to introduce your child to the hot tub.