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FAQs : Play Yards

When assembling my play yard, do I have to lock the sides in any specific order?
The sides of the play yard do not have to be locked in any specific order. The sides will lock in any order as long as the center lock is pulled up far enough in the middle.
Can my play yard be used as a full-time crib?
Your play yard is not intended to be used as a full time crib. Some play yards include a bassinet portion.  If included, the bassinet portion is designed for sleeping, but use of it should be discontinued once the child has met the maximum weight limit of 15 pounds. Continued supervision for the safety of the child is always necessary when the product is in use.
Are sheets available for my play yard?
If a sheet is used with the pad, use only the one provide by the bassinet or cradle manufacturer or one specially designed to fit the dimensions of the bassinet mattress.
Are there any warranties for my portable play yard?
Dorel Juvenile Group warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship and service for 1 year following date of purchase for most products. Some of our products do have extended warranties. The warranty shall not apply to damages arising from neglect, accidental damage, or commercial use of the product. This is a limited warranty. Liability for consequential property damage is expressly excluded. Proof of purchase is required. To make a claim under this warranty, you must contact Dorel Juvenile Group''s Consumer Relations Department by emailing, by faxing 1-800-207-8182 or by writing to:

Dorel Juvenile Group
Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 2609
Columbus, IN 47202-2609

You may also contact the Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-544-1108 to speak to a Consumer Relations Representative. Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST and 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST on Friday. Proof of purchase is required.

Can I purchase the canopy and bassinet separately to fit my play yard?
The canopy and bassinet are not sold as individual accessories. Your portable play yard is especially designed for the parts that is provided with it and may not have the necessary makeup to accommodate a canopy or bassinet, therefore these parts cannot be sold separately and retrofitted to your existing model.
How do I assemble and disassemble my play yard? Are there videos to show me how?

To assemble: With the center lock pulled completely up, lock each of the side rails into their locked position. Once the side rails are locked the center lock of the play yard can be pushed down to setup the base portion of the play yard. If the center lock of the play yard is not pulled completely up, the rails will not lock into place. The floorboard of the play yard must be secured to the play yard base with the corresponding Velcro tabs. See instructions for complete details.

To disassemble: After removing the floorboard of the play yard, to disassemble the play yard release the center lock of the play yard and pull it completely up. Once the center lock is pulled up the side rails of the play yard can be released.

Our site has several videos to help you with setting up your play yard and the various attachments that may have come with it.

You can watch them by clicking the links below.

Assembling Your Play Yard

Assembling Your Changing Table

Assembling Your Bassinet

Assembling Your Toy Bar/Mobile

Attaching Your Baby Care Organizer to Your Play Yard

How long can my child use the play yard?
Play yards are intended for use by children who are under 35" and less than 30 lbs. The play yard should not be used for children who are able to climb out of the product.
Is the crossbar pin on the underside of the play yard replaceable?
Unfortunately, the cross bar pin from the underside of the play yard is not a replaceable part.
My child is able to pull up the floorboard of the play yard. How can I prevent this?
Always ensure that the floorboard of the play yard is attached to the play yard base with the corresponding Velcro tabs. This will ensure that the floorboard can not be pulled up out of place.
The play yard my friend has included a canopy (bassinet, changer, mobile etc.) but my model does not have this feature. Is it possible to order this as an accessory item for my product?
Only features that are included with the play yard at the time of purchase are compatible with your model.
What is the weight limit on the bassinet?
The weight limit on the bassinet is 15 pounds. You should discontinue use of the bassinet once your child can sit up or starts to pull himself up, regardless of the weight of the child.
Where can I find the model number and manufacturing date on my play yard?
The model number and manufacture date is located either on the underside of the play yard on a label on one of the crossbars, or on the warning label that is sewn next to the center lock of the play yard.
Will the pad from my play yard fit any other play yards?
We recommend that you only use the pad provided with your play yard.
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