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FAQs : Monitors

What is DECT technology?
The term DECT is a shortened version or acronym for “Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications”. DECT technology provides less interference.
I’ve exchanged my monitor several times at the store, but I continue to have interference; even after trying all the troubleshooting tips. What can I do?
If your monitor has been replaced to eliminate any possibility of a defect, but you still encounter interference problems, then your monitor would be considered non-compatible with your surroundings.

There are several things that work on the same frequency as your monitor.  You may have to eliminate them in order to allow your monitor to work. Also, items outside of your home - such as what your neighbor may have - that work on a radio wave frequency can interfere with the performance of your unit. 
How often should I recharge the rechargeable batteries for my monitor?
It is best to recharge the batteries once the batteries are depleted fully. The batteries do have a memory, so if they are continuously recharged at half use of life, they will eventually develop a memory that gives the impression that it is at its maximum and that will cause you to charge more frequently or replace the battery itself more frequently.
Can I use two separate monitors in my home?
Safety 1st does not recommend the use of more than one monitor in the same home due to interference issues. That same interference can occur when using one receiver with two transmitters or one transmitter with two receivers. (Unless originally designed with that feature). You would have to unplug one to use the other in all above situations.
Does my monitor have a warranty?

Your monitor has a one 1 year limited warranty. Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from material and workmanship defects when used under normal conditions for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Should the product contain defects in material or workmanship Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc. will repair or replace the product, at our option, free of charge. Purchaser will be responsible for all costs associated with packaging and shipping the product to Dorel Juvenile Group Consumer Relations Department at the address noted below and all other freight or insurance costs associated with the return. Dorel Juvenile Group will bear the cost of shipping the replacement product to the purchaser. Product should be returned in its original package accompanied by a proof of purchase, either a sales receipt or other proof that the product is within the warranty period. This warranty is void if the owner repairs or modifies the product or if the product has been damaged as a result of misuse.

This warranty excludes any liability other than that expressly stated, including but not limited to, incidental or inconsequential damages.

To make a claim under this warranty you must contact Dorel Juvenile Group''s Consumer Relations Department by emailing, by faxing 1-800-207-8182 or by writing to:

Dorel Juvenile Group
Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 2609
Columbus, IN 47202-2609

You may also contact the Consumer Relations Department at 1-800-544-1108 to speak to a Consumer Relations Representative. Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST and 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST on Friday. Proof of purchase is required.

Should I use batteries if possible or the AC adapter?
You should use household electricity whenever possible to conserve the battery so you will have power when you don''t have easy access to AC outlets.
What can I do if my monitor is not working properly?
If your monitor is not working properly, please use the following suggestions:
• Move the receiver and/or transmitter to different areas in your room.
• If you have any WiFi devices such as cordless phones or other monitors, unplug them from the electrical outlet.
• Try unplugging other electronic items that are near either the transmitter or receiver.
• Remember that anything that works on a public airwave can be a potential interference.

Airwaves can shift so items that may not have caused a problem before may suddenly become a problem. Try unplugging and leaving these electronic items unplugged while you adjust your monitor to get the signal back.

Why can I hear my neighbors and can they hear me?
Remember that you are using public airways when you use your Safety 1st Monitor. Sound and video may be broadcast to other receiving devices. Conversations, even from rooms near the camera may be broadcast as well. To protect your privacy always turn off the camera when not in use.
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